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Commando B

The first comic strip in Open Source

by Phiip
and the others

1. introduction  


17. the sleep of the chief 3 : the president  


28. Commando B at sea 4 : shipping forecast  
29. Commando B at sea 5 : land ahead !  
30. blindness  
31. a tragic accident  
32. a big hug  
33. the crossover of the commandos !!  
34. desert, part one : the hedgehog  
35. desert, part two : the platoon  
36. the justes  
37. standing guard  
38. a prank to the chief  
39. Commando cookies  
40. pressure  


76. the magician  


119. the toilet mission :: running water  
All the episodes

French forum for discussion and contribution. You can contribute in english of course.

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© Phiip the only Phiip 2001-2004

COMMANDO B is brought to you by rabbit.

34. desert, part one : the hedgehog

Made by : vanvan

desert, part one : the hedgehog

In a world of felony, treason and deceit, commando B (named after the same letter plan) does is share of unnecessary actions.
Commando B works only at night, so you can't see it's distinguished members, but they must be just okay.
They are only revealed by the way they talk.
For exemple, the chief speaks in red caps, commando 2 speaks in orange, commando 3 in white, etc.

It's not that important, they'll always be better in our imagination.
Nonetheless, we have to point out that some people didn't really strain themselves to do that new -action not daily could be funny- commando webcomic...

And Commando B is in Open Source, which means that you can contribute with your scripts and scenarii, and I'll finish the work and publish them here.

Download the site's font, it looks so much better that way...

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